Cancer Strengths

What does a Crab do well? These are some of their greatest strengths.

  • Nurturing
  • Emotionally Strong
  • Ability to Change the World
  • Sympathetic and Caring
  • Artistic/Creative


Nurturing: Protective of the people they love to the core, Cancer natives are perhaps best known for their nurturing ways. Just because Cancers are softies, however, doesn’t mean they’re pushovers. Far from it, actually.

Emotionally Strong: Cancer natives have a rep of being moody, and while this is true, they also have enormous emotional strength. Cancers use it to their advantage when they need to. Remember, as a water sign, their motto is “I feel,” and their emotions are intense and passionate.

Ability to Change the World: Unlike the more forceful cardinal signs, Cancer wades into the deep end of change slowly. Cancer natives like to make sure that they aren’t going to get in too far over their heads before they take the big plunge into saving the world. But don’t be fooled by their quiet nature. Cancers are leaders at heart, and once they take up a cause, they’ll quietly fight the fight until they’re satisfied with the outcome.

Sympathetic and Caring: If you have a friend who’s a Cancer, you know he or she is the one person you can count on when you really need someone to talk to. Rarely judgmental in a crisis, a Cancer will be there for you first and save his or her questions for later. The Crab’s sympathies are far-reaching and extend to distant relatives and furry friends, too.

Artistic/Creative: Cancers love for things to look good and be aesthetically pleasing. They pay attention to things like lighting, colors, and textures—and love to put their own artistic spin on things.

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