Cancer Best Careers & Career Advice

Counselor: When they’re dialed in sans distractions, Cancers make people feel like they’re the only person in the room. Cancer’s unique ability to intuitively guess what’s on someone’s mind is an extremely helpful talent in this field.

Nurse/Caretaker: Of course, Cancers have the chops to be excellent doctors, but their skills are better used in the role of a nurse or caretaker. While they might lack the confidence to make major decisions in a crisis situation, they’re absolute pros at intuitively knowing what other people need.

Interior designer: There are few things more important to a Cancer than making his or her house a home, so they’re more than excited to help others do the same. 

Artist: Crabs have art smarts. Artist is one career where Cancer natives’ moodiness actually works to their advantage, and they can use it to create some pretty amazing masterpieces.

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