Cancer Worst Matches

Cancer loves to be in love, but these zodiac signs probably won’t lead to a fairytale romance.

Aries: Fiery Aries is emotional, too, but in a totally different way than Cancer. And since both are cardinal signs, they butt heads on a lot of things, as they both want to lead instead of follow.

Gemini: Air sign Gemini is a thinker and Cancer is a feeler. Right away these two have basic differences that are hard to ignore. Gemini can be pretty quick with flippant and sarcastic comments, which leads to frequently hurt feelings for Cancer. When the Crab is hurt, he or she can lash out emotionally and become quite moody, which Gemini doesn’t understand (or chooses to flat-out ignore).

Aquarius: The Water Bearer spends a lot of time thinking about things from a logical point of view, which is the opposite of the Crab’s emotional take. There is a lot of initial awkwardness that results when these two first meet, and they might easily disregard having a relationship with each other just because of that.

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