Cancer Worst Careers

Flight Attendant: Crabs are homebodies. So, the idea of flying to destinations unknown on a regular basis? A big turn-off for most Crabs.

Scientist/Inventor: While it’s true that Cancers can be very creative, they don’t want to be pioneers. Most sciences are much too restrictive for the creative Crab anyway.

Actor/Performer: Cancers are highly sensitive to criticism. Sure, there are famous Cancers, but if you read their bios, they’re the ones who tend to say in interviews that every performance is a struggle.

Judge: Cancers have an excellent sense of right and wrong, but because of their compassionate side, being put in the position of being a judge can be extremely difficult.

Sales: Most Crabs are honest. And have integrity. And they don’t want to even slightly stretch the truth, even a little. Sales and marketing careers can sometimes require employees to sell products that aren’t ethical or don’t align with the salespeople’s own personal morals.

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