Cancer Love

In the beginning… When dating, Crabs have a reputation for getting too close, too fast. They can be clingy way before the relationship has ever been made “official.” This, no surprise, can be a big turnoff for some people. This is actually an advantage to dating a Cancer, however, because they lay all their cards on the table early. If you don’t think you can live up to their high expectations, you have the chance to exit early.

When things are going well… One of the most loyal signs, Cancers are definitely in love with being in love. They are at their happiest and most content when they’re finally in a solid, long-term relationship. They give their loyalty, they expect it in return. One of the least likely signs to cheat or have an affair, they take commitment very seriously and expect their partner to do the same.

When things are on the rock… If you’re in a relationship with a Crab and you do something to hurt them, their loyalty and commitment levels probably won’t wane. What can you expect? Easy: the cold shoulder, emotional outburst, yelling, or all of the above. While Cancers rarely retaliate for their partner’s infidelity, they have a hard time forgetting any act of betrayal.

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