Cancer Tarot Card

Cancer is the zodiac sign most known for being tough as nails on the outside, but soft and mushy on the inside. The Chariot, the seventh tarot card in the Major Arcana, can completely identify with Cancer’s fierce-but-mothering dual nature—and we can see that in the card’s imagery.

Traditionally, the warrior is found standing in front of a bed of water behind him. This is meant to suggest that while he leads with the chariot and his steeds (power), he’s also guided by the watery flow of human existence (emotions). So, while Cancer is a sensitive water sign, it is also a cardinal sign and naturally has a Chariot-like “take charge” attitude when it comes to getting things done.

Another duality we may notice is symbolic in the sphinxes in front: one black and one white, facing opposite directions. In this yin-and-yang-like presentation, we can gather that there are two sides to this sweet warrior card: the fierce strength to protect loved ones and the soft heart of gold behind it.

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