How to Seduce a Cancer

Cancers can fall quickly, so know what you’re getting yourself into first! In order to seduce a Cancer over the long-term, you have to be completely tuned into them. Shut out distractions and focus on them and only them. Look them in the eyes. Make them feel like you’re peering into their soul and that you understand what’s going on in there.

Seducing a Cancer is most successful if you become friends first. This doesn’t mean staying in the friend zone forever, but don’t try to rush them into a romantic relationship right away. Cancers will make it clear or, at the very least, expect that you read their mind when their ready for the next step. Spending time getting to know a Cancer lets him or her know you aren’t just interested in sex. This is important. Going from platonic friends to lovers is a much smoother transition for Cancers. Don’t be discouraged if they “just want to be friends” at first. In time it can turn into more if you’re patient.

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