Cancer Love Compatibility

Cancer is in love with love, and wants a serious relationship. Not a fling. The following are the Crab’s best matches.

Cancer: Cancer is looking for true love and a solid intimate connection, so when this pair meets one another, it naturally seems like a match made in heaven. Two Cancers fulfill each other’s emotional longings and it’s no surprise they’re ready to commit to each other right away.

Scorpio: When Cancer partners with their fellow water sign Scorpio, it’s a love match for sure. Both of these zodiac signs play for keeps. They have a deep, rich emotional life that they want to share with the person they’re in a relationship with. Scorpio has the trustworthiness that Cancer is looking for, and vice versa. This can be a richly rewarding experience shared between these two deeply emotional water signs.

These two can dream together, create art, and imagine that the world is a far better place than it actually is. They both live in an idealized world, are good at shutting the rest of the world out, and living inside their own little love cocoon. Trustworthiness and loyalty are the main focus here. As long as they maintain a strong sense of this between them, the relationship can be emotionally satisfying and deeply fulfilling.

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