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Cancer Horoscope Cancer Horoscope

Life is but a dream, Cancer! And, with Jupiter in Pisces for most of 2022, you could be “living the dream” in ways you’ve never imagined before. 

Jupiter’s sextile with Uranus in Taurus (Feb. 17) brings unexpected opportunities that, if you say "yes" to them, could take your future in a radically different direction. While you sometimes resist change, the North Node and two eclipses in Taurus (solar: April 30; lunar: Nov. 8) encourage you to embrace the unknown this year with an open mind and heart.

A Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on April 12 inspires you to imagine new possibilities. Make sure, though, that the potentials you’re seeing are ready to be realized. While Jupiter-Neptune renews your faith and optimism, it can also reveal a tendency to indulge in wishful thinking.

Most of all, Cancer, you’ll want to be realistic about relationships. As Jupiter sextiles Pluto in your opposite sign of Capricorn (May 3), romantic and platonic partnerships alike can be truly transformative. It’s naïve to believe that you can change someone who doesn’t want to learn and grow... or work it out with someone who seems set on changing you. To enjoy the journey this year, choose your traveling companions wisely.

Besides, with Jupiter in Aries from May 10 to Oct. 27, you’ll be eager to start blazing your own trail—even if this puts you at odds with other people’s images and expectations of you. It takes confidence to put yourself first, especially if you’ve been a people-pleaser in the past. But you’ve got big dreams and goals this year, Cancer—the freer you are to pursue them, the happier you’ll be.

This might throw off your work-life balance—especially from late August through late October, as Libra planets (Mercury, Sun, and Venus) oppose Jupiter and Chiron in Aries. As grateful as you are to be expanding your work in the world, home will always be where your heart is. 

Remember that as well that as you juggle family and career responsibilities, you’ll need some “me-time” now and then to recharge your batteries. Mars in Gemini, your house of solitude (Aug. 20, 2022 to March 25, 2023), gives you the courage to claim it!


Relationships are under review for you, Cancer, as the year begins with Venus retrograde in your opposite sign of Capricorn. Before you go looking for love this year, you might take some time to reevaluate what you want in a partner. Or, if you’re already with someone, it might be time to renegotiate your relationship. Reflect on how you want to be treated, and what you need from your significant other in order to feel loved and supported. Once Venus goes direct on Jan. 29, you’ll know exactly what you want, and be ready to start attracting it into your life.

Divine lovers, Venus and Mars, meet up twice in 2022—each time in one of your relationship houses. The first, in Capricorn on Feb. 16, focuses on how you and your partner can join forces to build a lasting love. With both planets meeting Pluto on March 3, you can become a true “power couple.”

Venus and Mars have their second rendezvous in Aquarius on March 5. Whatever your relationship status, Cancer, this conjunction invites you to go deep and face your fears around intimacy, shared resources, and power dynamics. With the moon’s South Node in sexy Scorpio, and eclipses in the sign on May 15 and Oct. 25, this is likely to be a recurring theme for you throughout the year.

All this can make relationships a bit intense in 2022—especially from July 17 to Aug. 11, as Venus transits your sign. During this time, your energy and attention are likely to be in high demand, which makes it even more important to prioritize self-love. Don’t worry so much about how your love life looks from the outside. Instead, focus on how you feel. You shouldn’t have to compromise your own happiness, or give your personal power away, to fit someone else’s “perfect” love story.

After all, Cancer, the heart wants what it wants. So no matter how unorthodox it might seem to others, this year you’re encouraged to take a chance and follow your heart’s desires—especially during Scorpio season (Oct. 23 to Nov. 22). Realize, though, that you just might be transformed by the experience.


Bigger and better things are on the horizon, Cancer. And with Jupiter visiting your career house for part of this year, you’ll be getting a taste of them in 2022. 

To make the most of Jupiter in Aries, though, you’ll want to take advantage of an auspicious aspect he makes while still in Pisces. A Jupiter-Uranus sextile (Feb. 17) brings unexpected access, and chances to connect with people or organizations who can help advance your career. Opportunity is knocking, but you’re the one who will have to open the door.

Use March and April’s new moons (Aries on March 31; Taurus solar eclipse on April 30) to seed your intentions and set new goals. By May, when Venus, Jupiter, and Mars all team up in Aries, you’ll be fired up and ready to make some big, bold moves. 

Venus in Aries (May 2–28) reignites the passion that drives your work. And this attracts positive attention, Cancer, as people are drawn to working with someone who loves what they do. 

Jupiter in Aries (May 10 to Oct. 27) makes your work even more rewarding. Along with this newfound success and sense of purpose comes greater responsibility and pressure to perform. With Mars in Aries (May 24 to July 4) conjoining both Jupiter and Chiron, there might be some high-stakes competition involved, where you’re wondering if you really have what it takes. 

Ultimately, though, you’re only competing against yourself. The more aggressively you try to compete against others this year, the more likely it is to backfire. Instead, Cancer, work on building alliances and partnerships that set you up for success.

July and August could be your most lucrative months of the year, as Mercury, the sun, and Venus in Leo trine Jupiter in Aries. Savor your success, Cancer—but don’t be afraid to ask for more (money, perks, flexibility, time off, etc.) if you feel that you have earned it.

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