Virgo Worst Match

Some matches cause more problems than others. Here are signs that simply don’t play well with Virgo.

Aries: At first, this couple may be attracted to each other because they are so different. Virgo may be turned on by Aries’ boldness, while Aries will be indulged by Virgo’s mysterious and aloof nature. Virgo’s subtle personality clashes with Aries’ loud one. Virgo is interested in communication, while Aries is all action, which can frustrate Virgo because Aries is so impulsive. Aries is wild, which makes Virgo nervous because you can’t control Aries.

Sagittarius: Oil and vinegar don’t mix and neither do Virgo and Sagittarius. Virgo is a hardworking sign that carefully plans out almost every moment of their lives, and strives for a secure future for themselves. While Sagittarius on the other hand is a free spirit, who recklessly dives headfirst into anything without thinking even five-seconds into the future.

Aquarius: Aquarius are very passionate about their ideas and beliefs, and will think Virgo is cold and unfeeling when they don’t respond with the same level out outward excitement. Virgos have a more difficult time expressing emotion than Aquarius at times. Aquarius doesn’t understand that. Meanwhile, the level-headed Virgo will become annoyed that Aquarius’ head is always in the clouds.

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