Virgo Numerology

Similar to the ruling planet, house, and element, numbers have a direct influence on astrological signs, as well. Each planetary body is linked to a single-digit number. Virgo is ruled by Mercury which, in numerology, is ruled by the number five.

Five is the adventurer of numerology. It represents change, freedom, and exploring the great unknown. At its core, it’s the number of curiosity. With quick wit and a sharp tongue, that’s why this sign can get themselves in and out of trouble. People with a five life path number love to gossip and can easily make friends with their charms and knack for storytelling. Fives have a wide variety of interests and will bounce around from passion to passion—never quite sticking to one thing or one place.

Both this number and Virgo have the same intellect, quick wit, and an insatiable curiosity. They love to get the details on everything, and often look for clues to get to the truth. Virgos, like five people, are also multi-talented, as they both have many different skills or passions.

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