Virgo Love

In the beginning… When falling in love, Virgos take their time. They are picky and aren’t easily swayed by a pretty face or a few sweet words. Virgos are skeptics when it comes to love, as they are afraid of being hurt.

When things are going well… When a Virgo is in love, they are deeply devoted to their partner, unable to think of anyone else but them. They will drop everything to be at their lover’s beck and call. They want to help them and take care of them. They are interested in building a life with their chosen partner.

When things are on the rocks… Things go wrong in a relationship when Virgo obsesses over the flaws in their romantic partner. The critic, Virgo cannot let a flaw go unnoticed, and will point it out to their partner to try to get them to correct it. This can come off as nagging—especially if their delivery is unkind and blunt.

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