Virgo Career Weaknesses

Overly-Critical: Being a perfectionist has it’s down sides. Nothing is ever quite right for a Virgo. They are the first to point out the flaw in something and the last person to say what someone did well.

Too Meticulous: There is such a thing as too much of a good thing—something Virgos learn very quickly with their gifted eye for detail. Sometimes, Virgos can get too focused on the small details of what they’re doing and can overlook larger issues.

Picky: While Virgos would be great employees anywhere, they are very picky about the jobs they’ll actually apply for. They might be unemployed for long stretches of time because they are trying to find the “perfect” job for them. They want a job that checks all the boxes.

Control Freaks: A Virgo likes to control everything—including people. Because Virgos have such high expectations and a desire to have everything done “perfectly,” they might be a real pain to work with.

Too Cautious: Because of their need for control, Virgo avoids taking a lot of risks. However, being too cautious has its drawbacks, as well. No risk, no reward.

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