When Is Virgo Season?

Because Virgo is a mutable zodiac sign, it adapts fairly well to change. As summer starts to wind down and school supplies and fall wardrobes start to arrive in stores, we’re ready for a fresh start. It’s time to get more serious and plan what’s coming next.

At first glance it seems like Virgo wants to come in and spoil all of Leo season’s fun, but this isn’t actually the case. As we say goodbye to the Lion’s outgoing energy, we do lose some of the fun and carefree attitudes. Now it’s time to prepare for more responsibilities as we wrap up summer with Virgo season.

Now that we start to notice some of the details we let slip during the height of summer, we might be tempted to go into panic mode and play catch-up. But that’s not what Virgo season is about! The stereotypical Virgo is a perfectionist and critic extraordinaire, but does caring so much about details really have to be a bad thing? Short answer: No! It’s time to organize and stick to a schedule!

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