Virgo Personality

Virgo’s symbol is the Virgin, which allows many to mistakenly assume that Virgo is somewhat reserved. However, in ancient times, a virgin did not refer to someone who has never had sex—it meant someone who belonged to themselves. That is probably the best way to describe Virgo.

Virgos are here to make the world the world a better place through acts of service. Virgos don’t feel like themselves unless they are working—striving toward higher goals and a higher purpose. Idealist, they believe that with hard work, intellect, and drive, they can solve all the problems of the world. They will spend years honing their skills and craft, always trying to improve because good is never good enough. It can always be better.

Gifted with a quick mind that can easily process information, Virgos know how to use and share it with others. Whether it’s explaining how something works or giving you advice, it seems like Virgo has all the answers—and they usually do.

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