Virgo Worst Careers

Waiter/Waitress: As perfectionists, Virgos might act slowly in this position because they want the cocktail someone ordered to be perfect. Plus, the rush of lunch hour would set their nerves on edge.

Psychic: Virgo lives their lives based on logic, reason, and what they can see with their own two eyes. While Virgos are ruled by the digestive tract, they rarely trust their gut.

Ambulance Driver: While Virgos would do very well in most careers in the medical field, an ambulance driver is at the bottom of the list. Virgo overthinks all their decisions and are overly cautious, which makes them slow drivers.

Police Officer: Virgos have a very narrow view of the world that can affect their work. They are very “by the book,” but that isn’t how life works.

Hairstylist: While Virgos are typically very stylish and are well-groomed, they would not make the best hairstylist in the world. Because they are perfectionists, they might take longer to finish a haircut.

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