Virgo Moon

Excel sheets, post-it notes, and the Container Store are what get a Virgo moon placement’s heart beating even faster. This lunar placement feels most comfortable and secure when there is some type of organized structure in place. Predictability is one of their greatest strengths and weaknesses. This lunar placement is incredibly reliable and trustworthy (a true friend to call when you need a favor), but you won’t find Virgo moon people taking risks or agreeing to last-minute plans.

Paying attention to tiny, minute, what-may-even-feel-pointless-to-you details is the key to a Virgo moon’s heart. There is a natural restless energy with this lunar placement, as Virgo is ruled by mental Mercury. When these lunar placements feel organized and like all of their ducks are in a row, they are truly able to relax (or plan out the next task on their to-do list). Virgo moon placements are prone to overthinking and anxiety. Their minds can easily spin out of control, replaying and overanalyzing any simple response or lack of response.

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