Virgo House

Virgo is ruled by the sixth house, the house of work, health, and routine. In astrology, this house is where we get our attitudes toward self-improvement, service, habits, health, and productivity. Since Virgos are ruled by the sixth house, they take their attitudes toward work and health much more seriously than most.

The sixth house’s work-oriented vibe comes out heavily in Virgo. Like all earth signs, Virgo is a very hard worker. However, they work hard not because they are so ambitious (like Capricorn), nor because they want to gain possessions and money (like Taurus). Instead, Virgos work so hard because they like working. They aim to please and need to feel productive and useful to feel content. They feel lost and without purpose if they are not constantly keeping busy. In fact, Virgos struggle with downtime and find it difficult to relax. They need to keep working.

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