Virgo Breakups

During… How a Virgo reacts to a breakup solely depends on how a Virgo felt about the relationship. If it was a short relationship and Virgo wasn’t that into the person, Virgo would be very OK with being dumped. Being highly perceptive, Virgos can see the breakup coming a mile away and have already accepted it. They might even be relieved that they are being dumped instead of having to do the dumping themselves.

After the breakup… After the breakup, Virgos will be quick to blame themselves, as they are always first to find fault in themselves. They’ll go over what they did wrong in the relationship and feel very sorry for themselves. They need their friends to start pointing out how theirex was a loser to make them feel better. To get their mind off their heartbreak, Virgo will throw themselves into their work.

Long-term… After a breakup, Virgo isn’t eager to get back into another relationship right away. They’ll shift their focus onto their work and hobbies, and try to do some self-improvement. Always the critic, Virgo tends to remember only the bad stuff that happened in the relationship and not the good. They’re afraid to get hurt again. Virgos can even become cynical and swear off love for a while, so they can avoid getting hurt again.

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