Virgo Best Careers & Career Advice

Writer: Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Virgos express themselves clearly and easily through the written word. Given their love of research, listening skills, and drive to hunt down stories, a Virgo would make an excellent investigative journalist.

Nutritionist: Virgo has a lifelong interest in health and has a strong desire to help people learn to take care of themselves. Virgos are great at taking a lot of complicated information (like data and facts) and breaking it down into easily digestible information.

Therapist: Virgos aren’t just interested in just physical health, they also have a keen interest in mental health, as well. Coupled with their love of helping others and solving problems, Virgo could have a promising career as a wonderful therapist.

Auditor: Obsessed with even the smallest detail and comfortable with endless research, Virgo could thrive as the perfect auditor. Virgo is trustworthy enough to be allowed to handle sensitive data.

Professional Organizer: Virgos love a mess. Well, more accurately, Virgos love taking a mess and fixing it until it’s clean, organized, and practically perfect.

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