Taurus Love Language

Taurus is a zodiac sign of few words when it comes to love. They aren’t usually the type to write long, flowery love letters, or emotional captions on Instagram. In fact, they probably won’t use a lot of words, period. Taurus has a blunt, sometimes sarcastic way of speaking that isn’t the most romantic. In fact, being too honest might kill the mood. It’s just not their strong suit. So, when courting a Taurus, do not expect to be swept off your feet by what they say. Instead, pay more attention to what they do to woo you.

The language that Taurus speak fluently is body language. Taurus natives are very affectionate, preferring to show their interest and their love with physical touches. In courting, Taurus will take any opportunity to touch their love interest. A lingering touch when handing them something, high-fives, long hugs, fixing someone’s tie or scarf, putting their arm around someone’s shoulder are all ways Taurus show they’re interested.

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