Taurus Love Compatibility

While any zodiac sign can be a great pairing depending on chemistry and mutual respect, some signs are better suited than others. Here are the zodiac signs that best match with Taurus.

Cancer:  A Taurus and Cancer pairing is a love written in the stars. They are both homebodies, sentimentalists, very affectionate, and have high sex drives. This pairing shares a desire for stability and security. Monogamists, these two couldn’t even think of cheating. They are fiercely loyal by nature.

Virgo: Two earth signs almost always make a great match (even if they are not the most exciting couple ever). Both signs are home-lovers, practical, down-to-earth, and share a love of quality time together. Taurus’ passionate, sensual nature can light a spark in the analytical and reserved Virgo.

Pisces: This is a highly sensual and romantic couple. This couple is drawn together because of their passion for creativity, taste for the finer things in life, and aversion to drama. Taurus and Pisces are a very Netflix and chill couple.

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