Taurus Psychic Traits

Out of all the earth signs, Taurus is the most connected with all five of their senses, as they are the most physical sign. They especially have a heightened sense of smell, touch, and taste. They know who’s coming up behind them because they can recognize a person’s footsteps. They know if their lover is cheating on them because they can smell someone else’s perfume on them. They can even glean insight about a person simply by touching them. To others they may seem psychic, but really they’re just highly preceptive. Like a bloodhound, they are guided by their physical senses that rarely lead them astray.

Taurus has a knack for making money and smart investments, simply by going with their instincts. It’s no surprise that the symbol for Wall Street is a bull, as Taurus have a natural affinity for making trades, buying and selling stock, and investing. They simply just have a sense of what is going to be big, which helps them earn their wealth.

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