How Will a Taurus Dump You?

If a Taurus is ending their relationship, it’s because the relationship feels too unstable to continue. Or perhaps they believe that their partner is being unfaithful to them. And that Taurus jealous streak is no lie. Taurus tend to stay in unhappy or stagnate relationships for longer than they should because the relationship is convenient and change is scary for them. If a Taurus is doing the dumping, something has gone very wrong in the relationship.

Taurus is not famous for letting their partner down easy. They believe that a harsh truth is better than a kind lie, and won’t try to sugar coat things. Their blunt way of speaking can make the breakup particularly painful for their soon-to-be ex. However, Taurus doesn’t mean to be malicious, they’re just telling the truth. “It’s over, here’s your stuff, please leave”—simple as that. Taurus has probably thought about ending the relationship weeks or even months in advance and has already prepared emotionally for the breakup.

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