Taurus Worst Careers

Journalism: With the 24/7 news cycle, journalist work around the clock and meet tight deadlines in order to cover news before their competitors and have to find the latest stories quickly. This doesn’t mesh well with Taurus’ slow pace and methodical style.

Emergency Room Doctor: Taurus prefers a stable work environment with set hours and a steady routine that never changes. ER doctor is the exact opposite of that. Long hours, changing shifts, and a new emergency every minute.

Firefighter: Again, this is another fast-paced, high-stakes career that doesn’t mesh well with the stability-loving, slow moving Taurus. Fires are completely unpredictable and dangerous.

Bartender: Taurus loves a good cocktail, but they take their sweet time making them, which isn’t ideal when you have a bar full of thirsty customers on a Saturday night.

Reality Show Star: Taurus hates drama—hates petty arguments, hates working with others when they aren’t in charge. Also: Not fans of people who do not agree with them.

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