Taurus Worst Match

While any sign pairing can make a relationship work with communication, mutual respect, and a lot of love (and looking at a person’s complete birth chart), some zodiac signs just don’t connect. Here are the signs that aren’t Taurus’ perfect match.

Aquarius: Conservative, business-minded, and stubborn, Taurus clashes with Aquarius’ unconventional free-spirit, vivaciousness, and overall free-spirit vibe. Aquarius may be disgusted with Taurus’ materialistic lifestyle, while Taurus doesn’t understand Aquarius’ fancy-free view of the world. Taurus is more physical while Aquarius gets their pleasures from more mental foreplay.

Gemini: Taurus is slow and steady while Gemini practically bounces off the walls with energy. Taurus is a fixed sign: stable, consistent, persistent while Gemini is a mutable sign: flexible, changeable, and full of energy. At first, Gemini is drawn to Taurus’ passion and sensuality in the bedroom, but may eventually get bored with Taurus’ unchanging routine. Gemini needs constant changes to be happy.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius craves adventure, Taurus craves security. Sagittarius suggests backpacking through South America, Taurus suggest a luxury resort. Sagittarius can be easily board by Taurus’ solid routine and serious nature when it comes to relationship. Meanwhile, Taurus will never be able to trust Sagittarius’ wandering eye. It’s just too much drama!

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