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Taurus Horoscope Taurus Horoscope

You might struggle to maintain your usual conservative, steady approach to life this year, but keeping an open mind helps you deal with the inevitable ups and downs that 2020 will bring.

As the year begins, beautiful Venus, your ruler and the goddess of love and money, is paired up with innovative Aquarius, so you’re much more open to new ideas.

Uranus, the unpredictable planet that favors change and rules eccentric Aquarius, is paired up with your steady sign all year, so some upheaval is inevitable. Uranus is retrograde at the start of the year only until January 10 and then again starting in mid-August until the end of the year. Rolling with the changes might be your only option for much of this year, Taurus.

Powerful Mars is in independent Aries from the end of June to the end of the year, making the second half of 2020 very “me”-centric. Healthwise, Mars in Aries (direct) represents your physical body and taking action, so this should be a time when you’re proactive about your health. If anything has been bothering you, get it checked out now.

Mercury is closely tied to sibling relationships, so paying close attention to the three Mercury retrograde cycles this year (mid-February to early March; mid-June to mid-July; and mid-October to early November) can help you avoid misunderstandings with brothers and sisters.

Both loving Venus and chatty Mercury enter Libra, the sign of relationships, at the end of October, so you take a rational, fair-minded approach to friendship. You give good advice now, so don’t be surprised if friends want you to act as a ref or mediator for their disagreements.

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