Scorpios Team Up With the Best

Scorpios Team Up With the Best

Why everyone wants Scorpio as part of their team…

You know it´s true. Every time a certain activity requires “teaming up with someone,” some, or at least a lot, of those awkward looks go to you. Yes, they want you on their team.

Can you blame them for it? Well of course not, everyone knows having you on their side means gold status. In any school or work related competition, they know you won´t let them down. They’ve seen you nailing every project by fiercely getting to the heart of the matter. In any board or strategic game, your moves are slow and quiet, but determined.

Being the most resourceful sign helps you when planning an offensive strategy in which you secretly figure out your contender´s tactics. Lastly, if all of the sudden your team becomes the pray, you´re fast, sneaky, and you will sting. They better watch out, if you´re not on their team!

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