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On the Dark Side, Scorpio?

Might not be a good time for revenge dear Scorpio…

Every single sign has a dark side, especially you! As the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac, your intense passion is just as legendary as your venomous sting. Everyone pretty much knows they shouldn´t cross you, but chances are, they didn´t know you well enough when they did. It´s also possible they were so infatuated with your charm they didn´t believe you could have such a dark side. But you do!

Anyone who betrays you better watch out. Like a scorpion, you will wait for the perfect moment—even wait years—to sting. Unfortunately, there is something in the air caused by a planetary alignment that warns you this is not a very good time to get back at that ex-lover, former friend, or old time enemy. As hard and difficult as it is, your sign´s greatest challenge is to learn how to use your awesome personal power in a healthy and productive way. Start by doing it now!

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