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Saving Lives Is a Scorpio Specialty

Big points for Scorpio…

While Virgos and Capricorns take pride in being some of the most remarkable professionals, the misunderstood Scorpio turns out to be brilliant in the vital field of saving lives. Scorpio´s instinctive ability to read people is an excellent diagnostic tool. This along with a penetrating mind, a prodigious memory, and a compulsion to probe under the surface makes them excellent doctors.

The left brain is Scorpio´s active side, making them good for calculation, foreseeing circumstances, and analyzing situations logically, all qualities required by one of the most difficult, but rewarding, professions. Some outstanding Scorpio doctors of our lifetime are Regina Benjamin, James Naismith, Christiaan Barnard, Sanjay Gupta, MagdiYocuob, Fredrick Banting, and Victor Chang.

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