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Scorpio’s Inner Cosmic Battle

It isn’t easy being a Scorpio, you´re ruled by two planets…

Your sign is ruled by extremes. People will often tell you that with you that it´s either black or white, no in-betweens. If you often feel this tug-of-war inside of you, it´s not your fault. It´s your stars and the universe to blame. Your two rulers, Pluto and Mars, are quite opposite in the realm of astrology. Mars is the one that gives you your initiative, strength, and self-assertiveness. But Pluto incites you to have a higher consciousness by giving you intuition and that sixth sense that often characterizes you. So next time you feel really torn between two ends, just remember, it´s only natural. A real harmony will prevail for you when you gracefully balance the influences of these two star superpowers.


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