scorpio STORIES

Avoid the Scorpio Curse

Your biggest challenge, avoiding the Scorpio curse…

If only the universe wasn´t full of dualities—good or bad, yin and yang, heaven and hell, black or white. But it is, and so are you Scorpio. Every one of your amazing qualities comes with a dark counterpart that is just as strong. Jealousy, envy, revenge, and violence are some of your tendencies and reactions when you´re feeling upset and hurt.

You might not like this Scorpio, but the only way to reach your full potential is by learning how to tame these feelings and actions. Like the secret texts of Hinduism affirm, “Scorpios are the most successful from the very moment they can control their weaknesses.” Sounds easier said than done, but you are your most magnetic when you´re kind, hypnotic when you´re gentle, fascinating when amiable, and charming when you´re polite to everyone.

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