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Zodiac Signs Capricorns Shouldn’t Work With

You may have trouble working with these signs…

Capricorns can work with anyone, because they have a solid work ethic and are able to focus on the tasks at hand. But that’s not to say you like to work with everyone. Here are the signs to be weary of, and ideas for how to keep the peace between you.

Gemini: You don’t like that they can be hard to figure out and a little too silly. They don’t like that you’re “too serious” and controlling. Learn to appreciate their quirks—being a little goofier might actually be fun for you.

Leo: You can’t stand a show-off… especially when you don’t think they live up to their hype. They need the attention and might try to steal some of your ideas. Be strong and silent around them. Listen but never feed into their gossip or brain-picking.

Cancer: Their outward displays of warmth and sensitivity can get on your nerves, as your “coldness” might get on theirs. Be the father to their mother… firm but fair. And allow them to be emotional. It’s not your problem, really.

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