Capricorns Should Gamble on This

Capricorns Should Gamble on This

This is one risk all Capricorns should always take…

You’re very wise. You put the greater good ahead of your own, and you put in the time and effort to do everything the very best way. But you should take risks if they are almost definitely going to make you happy! Yes, your wants. Desires. The what-ifs and have-nots… you simply don’t allow yourself enough happiness, Capricorn!

So… that sweater you just love but the price tag is a little too high… would you wear it for years? Does it feel and look great? Can it be worn dressed up and down? Does it go with some items already in your wardrobe? Buy it!

That item on your bucket list that’s a bit out of character and seems kind of risky? Would you regret never checking it off if tomorrow was your last day on Earth? If so, do it—and soon!

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