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Ace Your Interview, Capricorn

What Caps should never do in a job interview…

Capricorns seem like shoe-ins when they score interviews. But there are some very off-putting things Goats can say or do in front of the potential employer. So, next time you consider a new job, don’t do these…

  1. Aka, flat-out bragging or overselling yourself. Be sure you don’t make it sound like you know better than anyone. No boss wants an obstinate employee, or a new manager who will be impossible to please.
  2. Watch your friendly factor. You need to be natural, and if you tend toward coldness, warm it up without seeming overly eager or engaged. You want to smile calmly, carry on easy conversation, and put the interviewers at ease.
  3. Letting your inner perfectionist outshine your major skills. Capricorns can be their own worst critics. Don’t let your potential employer see your personality flaws quite yet!

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