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Still Single, Scorpio?

This is the reason why you’re still alone…

Ok Scorpio, since you are one of the hottest signs out there, there are only a few possible reasons why you haven´t found your perfect match. Here’s a list of every single one of these possibilities to give you a way to fix it quick!

If you are one of those quiet Scorpios who tend to hide in a shell, you need to get out! If you set yourself a goal of meeting someone new every week, chances are high your sex-appeal will work wonders for you.

You´re sending mixed signals. It takes a while to get to know a Scorpio, you don´t let people in easily, and this could make your crushes guess if you even like them. Find a way to let them know you´re interested, but that it will take a little while for your flower to bloom.

Turn off the drama. Jealousy and anger will not only give you paranoia, they will also make you act crazy and scare someone, especially in a new relationship. What´s the deal Scorpio? Who could be sexier than you anyway?!

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