scorpio STORIES

Scorpio’s Erogenous Zone

Opening the door to Scorpio´s deepest sexuality…

As the sign that rules reproductive organs, you exude pure sensuality that people can smell a mile away. But often this sensuality can be confused for just sex.

The truth is, Scorpio´s simmering sexuality goes beyond that. When you first meet someone, they might be so attracted to you that they just want to jump into bed with you right away. But that could be a total turn off for you, right?

With sexy Scorpio, foreplay starts way before the bedroom; it involves establishing a real connection by exchanging long and penetrating gazes, teasing each other verbally, and resolving each other´s mind mysteries.

The door to unleashing Scorpio´s awe-inspiring sexuality is their mind! What should happen next is another one of your sign´s misconceptions. Instead of going for a rough-quick approach, fully engage in a super subtle ecstasy.

Your sexuality, Scorpio, is not only a way to express yourself and release pent-up emotions, it is your pathway to uncover the secrets of human nature.

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