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Scorpios Are Addicted to Mind Games

Scorpio´s seductive strategy…

As a Scorpio, you are very passionate in every one of your relationships. But before you let yourself feel that profound and decide to jump into a relationship, you must test the waters.

You might also be running hot and cold toward your love interest and probably making them go through some serious tests, mainly because you must protect yourself and figure out if the other person is worth your time.

Well, sorry to break it to you Scorpio, but these are all called “mind games”, and your sign has created a reputation for playing them a lot in the game of love. But don´t they say that in love and war everything goes?

With you, foreplay starts way before even getting to the bedroom, and all this so called “mind manipulation” is what makes you so irresistible. So how is it that you´re going to stop? You won´t, not until you meet someone strong enough to handle your intensity and smart enough to match your wits!

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