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Make Better Decisions, Sagittarius How a Sag can make the right choice every time... Everybody gets little stressed when they have to make a … Read More
Dining Solo, Sagittarius Style Who needs a wing-buddy? Not you Sag! You have a never-ending search for truth and knowledge. At … Read More
Sagittarius’ Purple Reign Yours is the color of royalty, Sagittarius!  The Sagittarian hue signifies majesty. Made from secretions of sea … Read More
Sagittarius Goes Country Surprise! Sags are totally country. Here's how to rock it... Maybe it’s those prairies that stretch to the horizon, or … Read More
Sagittarius’ Hoof-in-Mouth Disease Dealing with the Sagittarius syndrome… You’re so charming that people can almost overlook your blunt … Read More
Sagittarius, the Language Guru No one knows words like the Archer… Everybody knows you love talking (and talking), but what they … Read More
Do a Sagittarius Reality Check Are you in fantasyland, Sag? How to come back to Earth... You’re Annie, positive that tomorrow will be a brighter day. … Read More
Sagittarius’ Turquoise Tour Need a new destination Sag? Start your turquoise tour… Your birthstone was one of the first mined gems. Native … Read More
Keys to Great Sagittarius Friendships How Sags can meet and keep their BFFs... Is it any wonder that you have so many friends? … Read More
Restoring the Sagittarius’ Body Is it really happy hour time Sag? Endless days and nights of partying can take their toll … Read More

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