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Taurus Sense Go Above and Beyond

Loving and hot Taurus use all their senses… in bed too…

Taurus has a loving, warm, gentle soul, and it’s on full display in the bedroom! You like nothing better than satisfying a partner’s every desire, and that is quite a gift, considering you’re the master of sensual delights!

See. Wear something silky, sexy, and beautiful—to start with. Set the mood with candlelight.

Touch. Taurus rules the neck, and its delicate skin is an erotic hot zone! Just let your imagination go!

Hear. Put on some beautiful music to get the vibe going. Whisper sweet nothings (or in your case, somethings, since you’re so practical!)

Taste. Have some gourmet tidbits to nibble before you get to the main course. Strawberries and chocolate, you get the idea!

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