scorpio STORIES

Scorpio Is the Sultry Siren

Make way for the Scorpio bride…

If the wedding bells are approaching, you must be having dreams, fantasies, and maybe nightmares about your wedding gown. One of the hardest things to do is pre-edit and figure out what you want from an immense ocean of possibilities.

The first thing for you to consider is to stay true to your fierce and mysterious nature. Don’t be afraid of being yourself and picking what draws you in terms of color, texture, style, and accessories. This very special gown should reveal your passion, your intensity, and set this very special day apart from any other day of your life.

But finally, and most importantly, is showing what you got! Make sure you show off your best features, usually your legs and waist. As fashion-forward as you are, people are going to be dying to find out what you´re going to come up with. And you won´t disappoint them, because your sultry siren gown will command the attention that you deserve as a bride!

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