Stop Second-Guessing, Libra!

Stop Second-Guessing, Libra!

This is your biggest obstacle to finding true love…

You’re searching for love, but in your balanced, fair-minded Libra way, you could stymie your best efforts! When you can see both the good and the bad attributes in every potential partner, how do you choose?

Trust your animal instincts. A female albatross doesn’t waste her time on the wrong guy. That goose isn’t sitting there pondering that gander’s good and bad points. It’s doubtful you’ll find a wild critter anywhere who believes “opposites attract”! Many species besides humans engage in lengthy courtship rituals. The male has to prove to the female that he’s serious! If the guy isn’t that into you, accept it and move on. All the second-guessing in the world won’t make it so!

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