Libra Dating Deal Breakers

Things a Libra should never put up with in relationships…

If you want to date a Libra, check this list first. If you see yourself here, tread carefully or look elsewhere!

Opinionated? Libra is the sign of diplomacy, so all views are considered.

Intolerant? Libra is highly socially aware, so all sides are treated equally.

Emotional? Libras want to calm the waters, not roil them up.

Needy? Libra is everybody’s friend, so may not have lots of time for you.

Mean? Libra is friendly and warm to everyone, including waitstaff and service workers!

Sloppy? Libra loves beauty and refinement.

Demanding? Libras take a long time to make up their mind and can’t be pushed.

Indecisive? Between the two of you, nothing will ever get decided!

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