Love & Sex

Looking for Love? Try This, Gemini Geminis are natural flirts, but are you sexy or sleazy? The ideal party guest, you’re flirtatious and clever and can … Read More
Take a Romantic Adventure, Gemini Take your love life to a whole new level with this... Variety is the spice of Gemini’s life, and that holds … Read More
Love, Gemini Style Geminis have a unique take on romance —yay or nay? While other signs may want to woo and be wooed … Read More
How to Know Where You Stand with a Gemini Not sure where you stand? For Gemini, it's all quite simple! Written communications are full of clues if you’re trying to … Read More
How to Have It All, Gemini How to (happily) juggle love in with all your other activities... Flighty, fickle Gemini flits from one activity to another like … Read More
Dual Fitness for Twins Get two workouts in one with this, Gemini... Your sign is the Twins, so you like things in … Read More
Gemini Loves Unusual Food The way to a Gemini's heart is an odd twist on cliché... Gemini wants a break from monotony, so trying to pass … Read More
Gemini’s Most Important Sex Organ Gemini's sexist body part may surprise you... What is a Gemini's biggest sex organ? The brain! Perhaps … Read More
Gemini’s Ideal Mate What a Gemini needs in their perfect partner... air sign Gemini wants to keep the talk going. Your … Read More
How Do You Know It’s Real with a Gemini? This is the clue that your relationship is the real deal... Go on, admit it. You’re a flirt! Your dual nature … Read More

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