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Capricorn Immunity Boosters

Try these immunity boosters just for Caps!

When a Capricorn’s immunity goes haywire and you start to catch any virus going around, that’s a signal you need to slow down and stop pushing so hard. So, how can you get back to your healthy, productive self?

Sleep. And then sleep some more. Even if your mind is racing, laying down in the dark and forcing your body to rest and slow down will help.

Drink a lot of water. Not tea, not soda, not juice, and definitely not alcohol! Just plain water. Better yet, add a few slices of lemons, cucumber, and mint for a “detox” drink.

Get frisky. Yes, this is the surprising one. If you’re not totally sick but feel off, anxious, tired—just not “you”—it might mean you aren’t sexually fulfilled. So, time to get to “work”!

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