Get Out of the Virgo Rut

Get Out of the Virgo Rut

Too practical in the bedroom, Virgo? Try this now…          

Virgo has a loving, caring, sensitive soul, but you also like to run the show. If things have gotten a bit too predictable in the bedroom, try something new to liven things up.

Touch: One of the body parts ruled by Virgo is the skin. Start with a bubble bath or massage for two and go from there. Think of the possibilities!

Hear: Put on some music, or different audio, to get a whole new vibe going. Whisper sweet nothings—or in your case, somethings, since you’re such a brainiac!

Taste: Have a few delicious tidbits to whet your appetite. Try some edible body potions made just for love (see “Touch” above!)

See: Wear something sexy—to start with.

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