scorpio STORIES

The Scorpio Superwoman

Hillary Clinton has done it all…

It is not surprising to find out that one of the most influential and brilliant women of the past few decades is a smart and fierce Scorpio. Hillary Rodham Clinton is the perfect example of the overachiever, ambitious, mysterious, and misunderstood Scorpio. While she both inspires and irritates, no one can deny her incredible political achievements.

Loyal to the bone, she is often criticized for standing by her man despite all his sexual assault scandals. It is nonetheless almost certain that even though Hillary presented a controlled and cold exterior, she felt his betrayal deeply. Particularly the fact that “their dirty laundry was being aired in public,” something any Scorpio would despise, would have undoubtably crippled her. But only a Scorpio would be able to rise above and be reborn even stronger. She’s become the unstoppable superwoman she is!

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