Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope

Sagittarius Horoscope Sagittarius Horoscope

The year ahead will allow you to keep making progress on your goals, dear Archer! In 2024, you begin wrapping up a huge process that has been present in your life since 2011, which is when Neptune first entered your home sector. A family or private issue or situation could be showing signs of being on its way to getting resolved. However, this year, it will be key that you stay grounded and clear-headed whenever making important decisions, as there will be times in which confusion could get the best of you. Listening to the people you trust is a practice that you must cultivate. Transforming the way you communicate, in fact, is a 2024 incoming trend that will remain present in your life for the next twenty years! This is due to Pluto, the planet of depth and transformation, entering your communication sector. Slowly but surely, you will notice how your demeanor changes concerning everything that this house rules—like, conversations, writing, talking, and even the way you talk to yourself. Your boundaries may become more sensitive as you ditch all superficial intel—instead, preferring deep, mysterious, and impactful exchanges. You might even decide to begin studying (and could even become obsessed) with taboo topics!


Lucky you, Sagittarius! Lover Venus visits your sign two times in 2024. Between January 1 and January 22 and then again from October 17 to November 10, you will enjoy plenty of opportunities to enjoy pleasure and connection. If you’re single and looking, the rare Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, active between mid-March and mid-May, could match you with an exciting, eccentric, and colorful individual! If you’re playing the field, do keep an eye on your boundaries around February 19 and during the whole month of December, which is when Chiron gets activated in your fifth house of romance. If you’re already partnered, the presence of Saturn in your fourth house keeps requesting that you keep investing time and effort in creating the relationship that you so much desire. The difficulties that you experience in 2024 can get you closer together if they are managed with care, compassion, and devotion to one another.


The most important trend to pay attention to when it comes to your daily work routine is the planet Uranus. Since 2018, this trend-setting planet has been inspiring you to get back to speed with all things technology, so if you haven’t updated your daily tools and strategy yet, this is your best year to do so! The beginning of the year, in particular, paves the terrain for you to upgrade your processes so you can begin or keep moving with the changing times. When it comes to weathering delays, there are two Mercury retrograde cycles to pay attention to. Between August 4 and August 14, Mercury will go retrograde in your career sector, most likely bringing adjustments or miscommunications with authority figures. Then from November 25 to December 15, Mercury goes retrograde in your sign, bringing the need to completely rethink how you approach your overall career goals.

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