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Sagittarius Horoscope Sagittarius Horoscope

Although you’re used to saying exactly what’s on your mind, your ability to express your true emotions is stifled during the new moon in introverted Scorpio on November 4. This can stop a new relationship or opportunity from going forward, just FYI. It might or might not be a trade-off you’re willing to make.

Crafty asteroid Pallas goes direct while enjoying the company of creative Pisces on the eighth, helping you renew or expand your interest in art, music, and anything else that engages your sense of wonder and imagination. This is a great time to develop your talents so that you can reach a broader audience. The world deserves to see what you’re capable of!

Vesta, the asteroid of spirituality, enters your knowledge-seeking sign on November 17, which seems pretty self-explanatory. What are you searching for in your life, Sag? At the end of the day, when your adventures are over and it’s just you sitting alone with your thoughts, what do you think about? You need the kind of truth that you can only tell yourself.

The sun meets up with your exciting sign on the twenty-first, and then travel-centric Mercury joins in the fun three days later, indicating it’s time (or past time) to hit the road again. Nothing delights you more than heading off into the unknown without a specific destination in mind. Take along your favorite travel companion if possible. Everything is better when experienced with a friend.

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