Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Sagittarius Horoscope Sagittarius Horoscope

The energy this week pulls friendship, romance, and home altogether and ties it for you with a neat bow. A friendship may turn romantic leading you to both think about the future. And you may have someone to bring home to introduce to your family.

On April 7, Mars in Aquarius, in your house of communication, angles toward Uranus in your house of daily routines. For the next few days, it may be impossible to stick to your usual routine. This makes sense if you're traveling, but if you're at home don't put too much pressure on yourself to follow the usual list. You may feel restless with a desire to create change, to reform wherever you feel stuck. You may be resentful that others impose their schedules on you. This can make you feel downright defiant.

April 7 also brings Mercury in Pisces angling toward Pluto and Jupiter in your house of money. Communication regarding real-estate deals, refinancing or inheritance is possible. Expected money begins to show up. This could also mean a business idea is starting to take off and you can see the potential for making a large sum of money in the future. It's good to keep track this week of what comes in and what goes out.

Finally, April 7 brings the full moon in Libra to your house of friendship and opposing the sun in your house of romance. As the moon lights up the sky, you may feel a sudden magnetic draw to a certain someone. You may cross the boundary lines for a normal friendship and enter into the romance zone. A secret liaison is possible.

April 8 has the sun in Aries syncing with Venus in your house of relationships. And what started yesterday may be intensifying today. You are filled with desire. For Sagittarius, a little risk-taking doesn't hurt. This energy could lead you to a romantic relationship beyond what you've had before. Take chances in love today.

April 11 has Mercury, now in Aries, mingling with Saturn in your house of communication. A contract you've been looking for may end up on your desk. But there may be so many changes necessary you might think you have to start over. If it doesn't get signed today recognize this opportunity will come around again you will have another crack at it.

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